A3Learning training: how to combine the traditional and on-line teaching to create more interactive and engaging classes in schools

Recently, we are finalising the development of training content and training and community platform for our innovative blended learning approach – A3Learning: Learning Anywhere, Anytime, from Anyone. Our A3Learning method is combining the best out of the presential and online teaching and creates a new teaching and learning approach during classes at school to create engaging, interesting and up-to-date way of teaching corresponding the needs of the current students.

Based on the results of co-design sessions followed by creation of a specific Competence Model for application of our new teaching approach, we are now finalising the development of the training content and training platform for teachers and the community platform for teachers, students and families.

The training will be carried out in 4 European countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal. The teachers will learn or improve the following competenciesCreating and Modifying Digital Resources, Differentiation and Personalization, Teaching with Technology, Analysing Evidence and Feedback and Planning.

Stay tuned!

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