The A3Learning training of teachers is running!

The teachers from 4 EU countries are taking part in our A3Learning training. The training is designed to enhance the digital competences of teachers that work with the students aged 11-16.

The teachers went through the first module of the A3Learning training aiming at Creating and Modifying Digital Educational resources.

The content provides the introduction of the competence, a list of the tools and applications that can be used for preparation of the new/modified resources, the ways how the tools can be used, unit about IPR, step-by-step guide on using some of the useful tools (Kahoot, LearningApps, Forms, AI tools, special interactive features for presentation of study matter and interactive tools to engage students). Teachers are also provided by some practical assignments to try out some of the tools they learnt about.

And what the first impressions of teachers? They appreciated very much the part about IPR and how to cope with it when creating/modifying digital educational resources.

As well, they had time to refresh and build upon their existing knowledge of existing tools, discover their important features, think about using some tools in order to support and ease their work (e.g. to move the testing into online space).

If you are interested in the content of the first modules, you can check them within our A3Learning platform:

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